OCPS Parent and Family Engagement strives to lead students to success with the support and engagement of families in the community.  Parent and Family Engagement places a strong emphasis on providing parent workshops and opportunities that foster effective partnerships between home and schools. While families in Orange County are diverse in culture, language, and needs, they all share a commitment to the academic success of their children.

Family engagement is an essential ingredient for student success.” 
– Dr. Karen L. Mapp


Title I Parent and Family Engagement commits to:

   ● Fostering a culture of educational equity through capacity-building among district and
      school-based administrators and staff.
   ● Providing quality professional development that equips personnel with the capacity to
      build relationships, strengthen communities and increase engagement opportunities for
   ● Promote student success, parenting and advocacy, and individual growth/wellness.  
   ● Create opportunities for parents, families, and school staff to make connections with
      district departments and community resources.

Parent and Family Engagement provides workshops and learning events to parents and families on ways to effectively engage in their children’s education in order for all students to achieve at the highest academic level.
             Title I District Parent and Family Engagement Plan                                          
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